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Our Impact

Our Impact

Numbers are a key component of Community Support Center’s monitoring and evaluation efforts. The number of survivors, victims and marginalized children and girls we support are all transparent markers of our work impact. But numbers, while useful, offer only a limited portrait of how our work positively changes the lives of the most vulnerable children and young girls

Our impact is also measured by the communities themselves. As part of our risk assessment analysis, Community Support Center (CSC-Asbl) actively seeks out community feedback, both positive and negative, throughout a project’s life cycle, to ensure that our work is of the highest quality and utility to all participants. This feedback helps to identify the lasting effects of our projects. Participants’ voices assist in improving us and our work, positioning us to better serve both our current and future community beneficiaries.




Our Work Approach

  • Community Support Center / CSC-Asbl, uses sports and other means to bring joy and hope by promoting peacebuilding, well-being, conflict resolution and pragmatic empowerment of children, girls and women survivors and victims of wars, ethnic conflicts and violence. We establish relationships of trust with survivors and victims (through trauma experiences sharing) and all our stakeholders.

Our strategy

We try to transform victims of violence in a lasting way, bringing them joy and hope for a better future. We provide them with psychological and physical support so that they become more productive members of society and regain their self-confidence. We adopt a personalized development approach, based on the principles of accountability and transparency towards our stakeholders. Cherished integrity, honesty and seek long-term impact by placing the development of the most vulnerable children and women at the center of our work.